Life of a famous bunny
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Life of a Famous Bunny (a theater monologue)

An anxious (and famous) bunny lying on a sofa, facing the audience. It is speaking to someone, but we don't see that someone. It's a family thing, you know. My father really had it. The whole joyful jumping with a basket... He even made his moustache twirl a little. SO perfect. It’s disgusting. My big… Lire la suite Life of a Famous Bunny (a theater monologue)

what if
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What if…

Xavier always thought that the bus journey was one of the nicest moments of his day. As a true Parisian, he should have been trying to squeeze himself into a crowded metro, standing under someone’s armpits - but that would have prevented him from the scenery he enjoyed everyday through the bus windows. You’d thought… Lire la suite What if…