Rebel and Wise

woman looking outside car window
Photo by Lili Kovac on Unsplash

A story inspired by two persons who, both in their own way, made us doubt about their very existence – but lucky for us, their beauty was captured forever (try to guess who they are).

He didn’t quite like the way she was staring at him. Following him in every step he was making, at night when he finally just fell asleep, a half-smoked cigarette still in his mouth, or on these long afternoons when he was driving, when it was just him and the road and nothing else. She was always there when he was combing his hair, eating his cereals, acting like he cared, being himself but unwanted. She was certainly hiding something – maybe the need to leave everything behind, turn around and walk away from the frame of her life.

Sometimes he was also amused by her glance, and found himself – for a second – sharing the same odd and enigmatic smile. Even if there was an immense gap between them, he liked to imagine how they would have turned out if she had been him, and he had been her. He could easily picture her with the worn leather jacket, careless from the outside, empty from the inside. But he could never imagine himself in her shoes. Her calmness, her wisdom, her incomparable glance.

He sighed.

Time to hit the road.

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