Life of a famous bunny
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Life of a Famous Bunny (a theater monologue)

An anxious (and famous) bunny lying on a sofa, facing the audience. It is speaking to someone, but we don't see that someone. It's a family thing, you know. My father really had it. The whole joyful jumping with a basket... He even made his moustache twirl a little. SO perfect. It’s disgusting. My big… Lire la suite Life of a Famous Bunny (a theater monologue)

what if
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What if…

Xavier always thought that the bus journey was one of the nicest moments of his day. As a true Parisian, he should have been trying to squeeze himself into a crowded metro, standing under someone’s armpits - but that would have prevented him from the scenery he enjoyed everyday through the bus windows. You’d thought… Lire la suite What if…

2 x 15
2 x 15

2 x 15

2 x 15 is 30. What if there was no ‘turning-30’ crisis, but a second adolescence? What if these were just numbers, and we were just pretending to be adults? Aren’t we still struggling with food, acne, future, hormones and worried that we should not have taken this job as marketeer, but rather followed our… Lire la suite 2 x 15